b-drugs Shopping cart

b-drugs Shopping cart allows visitors to purchase products or services. Customers can view your product details, and select their payment.

b-drugs Shopping Cart page is an essential part of an e-commerce website.     It is the page where  users can  pile  up what they want to buy from the website and then simply checkout by paying online. To comprehend what a cart page does,   think of it as a normal shopping cart in a store.         People can keep adding whatever they want to buy in the shopping cart, and later, check out at the counter.   Similar is the case with a cart page, only that the shopping is done online on an e-commerce website.

How Does It Help?

A cart page offers great ease to the user. It allows them to check out everything in one go instead of paying individually for every item they buy. In addition to the ease, users can also save a great deal of time while shopping. It helps a lot, especially if the users are buying multiple items from the website.

How Does It Work?

Cart pages on e-commerce websites are far easier to use in their most contemporary format. Users can simply keep browsing through the website online. As soon as they find something they want to purchase, a small ‘shopping cart’ icon is available by the product. By clicking on it, that particular item gets added into the shopping cart. Users can add as many items as they want in their shopping cart.

Once done with the shopping, this is where the cart page comes into play. Users can visit the cart page on the e-commerce website they are shopping from and see all the items they chose to buy.

This page shows the individual prices of each of the products a user is buying, the quantity in which it is being bought, as well as the total amount of all the items being purchased. Customers can then proceed to checkout and receive a receipt of their payment via email.